Townhouse and Unit Construction

Townhouse and Unit Construction offer great potential in realising strong financial rewards and capital gains for many existing home owners considering Dual Occupancy. Alternatively, Townhouse and Unit Construction provide a profitable option for many people considering complete rebuilds.

SLR Concepts have extensive experience in developing and constructing Townhouses and Unit Developments.

Spacious, well designed units and townhouses – light filled with the latest in climate control, electronics, lighting and energy management. Privacy.

True elegant design. Fresh, Vibrant – the complete open-plan package to suit your lifestyle.

It's worth considering that with modern construction models and techniques, most homeowners will still end up with double the existing space of their current older housing stock dwelling.

Dual Occupancy

For investors interested in Dual Occupancy, SLR Concepts provides a full Design and Construct building service from initial planning, permits and development stage through to actual completion and lock-up stage.